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Every single day, thousands of new sites pop up on the internet. All these sites need to be planned, created, and maintained as businesses use them to sell themselves and/or their products. There are two main approaches to creating websites – writing code directly or using a content management system (CMS). So what should you consider before making a decision?

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Struggling with income as a fresh-started web designer?You have invested time and money in training to be able to start making websites? Now you are probably eager to use all the tips and tricks you learned to build websites and start earning revenue from them. And as a starter, you don't expect to be immediately hired for a high-budget project. But still, you do want to make smart steps for your business no matter how small those steps are at the beginning. How to play smart?

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You've heard about it and keep running into the term White-Labeling. But what does it really stand for? Let’s try to put it as simply as possible.

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