8 (Free) Online Courses to Learn Web Development in 2019

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Learning to code can be immensely fulfilling, both personally and professionally. Whether you’re just starting out with basic HTML and CSS, or building a full-scale web app with NodeJS, there are tons of resources online that offer tutorials, demos, and tools to help you learn the skills that you need to build your next website or app. We’ve narrowed down some of the best free, online resources that are available to learn web development!

  1. Codecademy
  2. Code academy home page

    Codecademy is a free online interactive platform that offers programming classes in over ten different languages. Their rigorous curriculum is designed to revamp your career and upgrade your current skill set. You can try your hand at several high functioning or markup programming languages, including: Java, Python, HTML5, CSS, and more!

  3. freeCodeCamp
  4. freecodecamp

    freeCodeCamp is an educational non-profit organization that incorporates a self-paced curriculum involving over a thousand hours of web development projects and interactive coding challenges. There are four specific learning streams which include: front-end, back-end, full-stack development and data visualization. To make the learning process easier their program encompasses a community forum, a wide range of medium articles and an online chat room.

  5. edX
  6. edx

    edX is an excellent open-source platform which hosts a variety of online university-level courses to a worldwide student body consisting of over 14 million. Their interactive learning exercises allow students to practice the concepts that they have learned. For a fee, edX offers some courses which are eligible for credit and others which provide a simple certification of successful completion.

  7. Udacity
  8. udacity

    Udacity is a massive open online course provider (MOOC) with over 1.6 million active users. While initially focused upon offering university-style computer science programs through Stanford University, they now have many vocational courses that specifically target working professionals.

  9. W3 Schools
  10. w3 schools

    A staple for learning web development, W3Schoolsoffers a wide variety of documentation for HTML, CSS, Javascript and as well as backend languages including PHP and Python. Tutorials on W3Schools are accompanied with a built-in editor for users to modify and test code samples. With tons of examples and easy-to-follow tutorials, W3Schools is an excellent choice for beginners, while more advanced developers can benefit from the scope of topics available.

  11. Mozilla Developer Network
  12. mozilla developer network

    Based on its premise "to provide developers with the information they need to easily build projects on the open Web” MDN Web Docs offers comprehensive guides and references for topics including web standards, accessibility, and web app development. Having started in 2005, MDN has now grown into a large community that welcomes contributors from all over the world to work and actively update their articles and code samples.

  13. YouTube
  14. youtube

    As one of the most popular video sharing platforms on the web, Youtube offers a wide variety of free web development tutorials and demos for both novices and advanced developers alike. From front-end to back-end development, browse thousands of high-quality videos from well-known YouTubers including LevelUpTuts, Traversy Media, and Users can mix and match the content they view or stream through managed playlists.

  15. Coursera
  16. coursera

    Coursera offers high-quality lecture videos from a wide variety of disciplines including the social sciences, mathematics, and computer science from renowned universities around the world. Users can watch these videos for free from a variety of platforms, including desktop and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Specialized certificates, degree programs, and corporate and government training programs are also available on Coursera for a fee.

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