White-Label Resellers Program

Make Money Selling Scalable Websites That Require No Technical Skills

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So how does our white-label program work? It’s quite simple:


You already have clients for your services but they might be in need of a new website to increase their sales.


Using our user-friendly web development platform, you (or your clients) can easily select a template and make changes by dragging and dropping.


You deliver the final website to your client and take all of the credit (because everything is in your brand).


If you need a more complex website designed, where the templates might not be enough, we can build your clients’ website under your label.

A win-win-win for everyone.

The best part? We only work on a commission-basis. No fixed costs. No hidden costs.

You now have the option to help businesses of all sizes and most budgets. You can provide an in-demand service without your business having to build a web development team.

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Why Should I Choose Web on Demand Over Other Website Builders? Including Free Versions?

It’s no secret that there are tons of website building tools out there.

Some are free while others are expensive. Some require no coding while others require a programmer.

Most of the free versions offer limited functionality and design changes. The more expensive options often require more technical skills to use and are out of the budget reach of most small businesses.

What Sets Us Apart

A Single Platform

What sets WebTML apart from its competitors is in how our platform allows companies to scale their websites WITHOUT having to change platforms and completely redo everything.

Grows with your business

Our technology allows the website to evolve over time, without the need to switch platforms. WebTML was designed to evolve with the business needs. Whether it needs e-Commerce, database, complex intranet functionality, or anything else... WebTML can manage it all.

No coding required

No need to move everything over to another platform. No need to hire an expensive coder
and web designer.

Who is this Collaboration Program
Designed for?

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Domain Registrars

The first step in setting up a website is purchasing a domain. The second step is building a website for that domain. Most small businesses are looking for solutions that are easy to implement and can scale with them as they grow. Web on Demand offers both.
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Hosting Companies

You’re already hosting their outdated website. Why not offer your customers a brand new, high-converting website so they can see more revenue coming into their business? It’s easy for them to use and scales as their business grows.
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Online Directories

Many directories are littered with businesses that have a poor website (or no functioning website at all). By offering your customers an easy website designing solution, you’ll strengthen the value of people searching your directory for the right business to handle their problem.
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Marketing Agencies

If you’re already providing marketing services to your clients, why not tack on website development? Without having to build your own internal web development team?
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Consultants and Freelancers

If you specialize in working with clients on social media, SEO, copywriting, or anything else, there’s no reason why you should be leaving money on the table. Many businesses are in need of multiple services. You can become their go-to consultant that solves their problems.

What are the benefits?

The primary benefit of collaborating with a white-label web development service is that your business can upsell existing clients on building a new website WITHOUT having to do the work.

Your clients already trust you. They are already hiring you to handle other aspects of their marketing. Why not help them even more when you know their website is performing poorly?

With Web on Demand, you can be 100% confident that your outsourcing option is reliable and great at what they do.

Clients get new website

Your client gets a brand new, beautiful, high converting website that increases sales.


You made another sale that benefits your business.

Outsourced Web Service

And you don’t have to do the work! It’s all outsourced to a reliable web development service.

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Collaborating with Web on Demand and integrating the our platform into your business is easy.

Note: Implementation process and cost may vary depending on how complex it is to integrate with your current service providers' platforms.

Do You Want To Make Money Selling Websites Without Doing The Development Work?

If yes, then we might just be a great fit. Reach out to us today and let’s talk about collaborating together. Just fill in the form below and we will be in touch.